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Zombi – Escape Velocity (Relapse Records)

ZOMBI. Just for starters, great band name. Lucio Fulci would have to be applauding from his grave. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in which we can tie in the Fulci reference with a George A. Romero reference seeing that Romero filmed his Dead films in Pittsburgh however I’m digressing. Surprisingly this is a duo consisting of Steve Moore (bass / synthesizers) and Anthony Paterra (drums) who conjure up layers of sounds to make the listener go into a dream like trance coming up with their own images via the sounds created. Normally I would steer clear from this kind of music as I believe the synthesizer has no place in rock music then again on the other hand I have been known to dance around like a total dag to synth pop hits of the 80’s. ZOMBI have created landscapes of sounds via the synthesizer, the music that is written could easily be a soundtrack to a movie which then in essence takes you on your own journey and for my personal taste in this style is the most important. Musically I find it to be very much like that of Italian prog band GOBLIN who did many soundtracks to Dario Argento films or for a more main stream band KRAFTWORK and with that said, I do find it very interesting that a label like Relapse Records has released ‘Escape Velocity’ when the label is more known for its Metal / Noise bands. This could be attributed to the sounds that ZOMBI put forth and fits side by side with those bands that also bring about images to their songs and therefore a smart move by Relapse Records. This is where I find ZOMBI would work for a lot of the metalheads as the music caters to those that have are into horror / sci-fi side of things as well. The opening and title track Escape Velocity comes across as a futuristic post-apocalyptic fair where it’s man against man, only the strong will survive, Mad Max vibe then you move on into a Tokyo Bladerunner type vibe with Slow Oscillations while Shrunken Heads takes you on a zombie invasion ride in which you may never escape from. The finale, Time of Trouble takes you even further into the futuristic landscape where it’s up to you to make the moves. To be honest words can not accurately describe this piece of art and that’s exactly what ZOMBI have done with Escape Velocity, they have taken the listener on an artistic journey and one that I was gladly to be taken on. Set yourself up in a darken room with some heavy duty headphones and let ZOMBI take you on a very entertaining enjoyable listen and journey.



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AURA NOIR –  Out To Die (Indie Recordings)

Now, I’ll be honest here, this is the first time hearing AURA NOIR (forming in 1995) & Yes! Perhaps I should crawl back under the rock that I came from however before I do that there’s a review to do. Hailing from Norway (if you want metal, look towards no other Country) this is their Fifth album along with having Rune Erikson aka Blasphemer (ex-Mayhem) back in the band permanently. To say Out To Die is intense, aggressive & let’s face facts beyond brutal is an understatement. An outstanding display of massive riffage that knocks your head back with force, pounding drums that’ll have you fist pumping your arm out of its socket and complete with thunderous bass, along with all that you also get Aggresor’ demonic, venoumous, hard as nails vocals & with a name like that what else do you expect. Out to Die rips right in from the get go with the opening track “Trenches”, starting off with a little feedback then kicks into it with a full force attack of massive riffs that just screams metal. AURA NOIR certainly have that 80’s black metal / thrash sound & it’s with their third song that had me head banging with joy with the track Abbadon which could easily have been on VENOM’ Black Metal album complete with the brutally sang lyric “For the glory of Satan” which repeated hauntingly. From there the album just gets better with the track “The Grin From The Gallows”, once again with big riffs & pounding drums, a slower doomier song that rampages on with great effect. As you can tell there’s a common theme with Out To Die and that’s – RIFFS. Big, loud & aggressive, however the music portrayed throughout the album is far from simple, there’s variety within the songs & there’s no over the top blast beats where the sound can become messy and unlistenable. Each song stands on its own merit which I at often times have a hard time dealing with many bands trying to be too complex, AURA NOIR does it right with their heaviness. The production of the album is a little on the rough side but that’s the beauty, it’s mixed well & layered very well where you don’t lose any of the massive sound amongst the high energy of the ferocioness within Out To Die. To quote the band “The ugliest band in the World” are back.



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greedy mistressGreedy MistressA Compulsive Need Of You (Point Break)  Since their last release with the Easygirls, Greedy Mistress find themselves with a new singer & with that has brought a slightly harder, tougher rock sound mixed with some metal riffage that will have you fist pumping the air in no time. A bigger sound with some scorching guitar solos that’s been driven along with some thumping drums & rumbling bass lines. There’s still the nasty innuendo tongue in cheek lyrical content  in which these sleazy Italians can only deliver which makes “A Compulsive Need Of You” a real fun album. This is good time rock n roll. Enjoy!

greedy mistress easygirlsGreey Mistress / Easygirls – split ep. (Average Man) Whoohoo! Italian maestris Greedy Mistress are back with a few more lound n’ snotty punk tunes & this time they’ve brought along friends the Easygirls. 4 songs by each band, 2 originals & 2 covers. Greedy Mistress cover Black Flag’ “White Minority” & FEAR’ “I Love Livin’ in the City”. The Easygirls bring their loud, fast, punk as fuck attitude & deliver the goods, they also cover Black Flag with “Wasted” & Joy Divisions “Warsaw”.  Good to see that there’s still places around the World still delivering punk rock & am eagerly awaiting for more from both bands. 

This was originally in Long Gone Loser Magazine issue #14, a magazine that is now defunct that helped contribute to. If you happen to come across a copy please purchase, it should only set you back $5, a worthwhile read that had plenty of blood, sweat & tears put into it, not to mention plenty of financial strain. Anyways this here post is all about Italian sleaze merchants Greedy Mistress & reviews of their discography so far.

greedy mistressGreedy Mistress Your Shoes My Tongue (Chorus of One) This is some catchy stuff. All I can say is “GODDAMN!!! What a RUSH!!!” It didn’t take me too long at all to get into this album. I was yelling out “Apocolypse Now” (which is the lead off track) from the first listen. There’s even a little nod towards Iron Maiden in the guiatr work on “Just A Love Song” but don’t let the title of the track fool you. In tradition of like minded bands ala The Nerds & Bulemics, Greedy Mistress can spit venom from a mile away & if your in the way be well prepared to cop a full barrage of their kick arse, snotty punk rock n roll that’s so darn catchy it’s criminal. What more can I say. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be heading over to www.greedymsitess.it & order yourself a copy. An instant hit.


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The F1-ElevensGet Fucked ep (self released)
This prominent Gold Coast 4 piece is back with their 2nd e.p. bigger, badder & more drunk than their previous e.p. “Burn Out“. “Get Fucked” (aptly titled), is the sentiment to those that don’t dig the sounds of the F1-Elevens or get the tongue in cheek title, in which I’m led to believe has peeved off some of the more over the top pc punkers within the “scene”, seriously, if your that whiny & pc then skip off home & listen to your anarcho-street punk bands & leave our greasy drug n alcohol fuelled rock bands alone. There’s no let up with this e.p. you pretty much get punched in the face with fast paced Zeke sounding rock n roll with nods to TRBNGR & Nashville Pussy with a splash of AC/DC & Motorhead thrown in for good measure & why not. I’ll admit taking favour to the more stoner heavier riffage sound that is found within the song “The Way It Was Meant To Be“, it goes well with guitarist/singer Shane El Passage’ vocal style alot more than the straight up screamers, with that said though, this is a very solid release & one that shouldn’t go unnoticed, so hop to it speed freaks, this ones for you. www.myspace.com/f1elevens


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IronbirdHit the Limit ep (self released)
Okay motherfuckers latch onto that bottle of whiskey & get ready to burn down the night like the devil possessed. This 4 piece sure know how to write some damn fine good time rock n roll ala the Hookers, Zeke & the Supersuckers, shit! I’ll even throw in that there’s even a hint of Judas Priest, particularly in the title track “Hit the Limit” which by the way should be playing at full volume as a precursor to a wild drunken night out of antics. A favourite from the e.p. is the song “Shotgun Suzy” with its galloping drums, fast muting guitars & face melting solo courtesy of the smiling assassin Rattbags. The song itself, I picture a pretty blonde thang gunning into town with nothing but trouble & lust in her eyes, ready to ruin your life & leave you in a state of disarray….yep! that kids, is rock n roll. The e.p. closes with the post-apocalyptic “Outlaw Run” with its nothing to lose, don’t give a fuck attitude that should keep the rock n roll purists at bay. Overall Hit the Limit is a killer debut. Check ’em out at www.myspace.com/ironbird.official